Functional Strength

Prone Support Balance ball Push-ups

This functional core exercise combines push-up variations on a balance ball. The progression of this exercise should begin with the ball under the thighs or knees as needed to execute the exercise. Then begin to move the ball further back till it is under your toes. At this position it is a great strengthener of all the stabilizer muscles of the lower leg. This is great for runners and cyclists. The leg splits creates a balance problem which in turn furthers the functional strength in your hips.


Prone and Side Planks with Hip Lifts and Leg Lift variations.

This is a variation of the Plank. Switching from side to side and alternating leg lifts with hip lifts. For total core involvement.

"T" Push-ups

"T" push-ups are a great functional exercise. These move you through a varying range of motion adding a balance factor as well. Great for your core and shoulder stabilization.

Reverse Plank Variations

The reverse or Supine Plank is the exact opposite of the Prone Plank. If you are going to do the Prone Plank you need to do the Supine Plank as well. Hold each position for 5 - 10 seconds or up to 15 seconds as you progress. Keep a entire body in a straight line from shoulders to ankles.