When the weather outside is frightful

Planning a long ride or brick workout and then the weather goes south. what can you do to keep your training schedule up? If you live where I do, uphill snowshoeing running is a great cross training activity for cycling and running. You can even snowshoe/hike up and run in your snowshoes down. Running downhill in snowshoes for 45 minutes is akin to 45 minutes of continuous plyometrics.

A better alternative though is to use your rollers / trainer and treadmill to simulate a transition workout indoors. This can be done much better and controlled indoors than doing the same thing outside. To compare training practices in triathlon to IM swimmers, you cannot just be good at all 4 strokes, you have to be great at switching from one stroke to the next at race effort. In triathlon you need to train these transitions and not just by doing a brick workout once a week. Take your trainer / rollers to the pool and set it up on the deck so you can repeat swims with TT like efforts on the trainer. This way you can get many transitions accomplished as opposed to that one transition doing your brick workout. These transitions must be practiced regularly and often.

On Thursday it snowed up here. A 3-4 hour long ride with 90 minutes at Tempo pace would ordinarily be put on hold but a better long workout was put in its place. I did: 12 x [ 10 minutes on the trainer @ 210 watts - then hopped on the treadmill for 1 min @ 9mph - 30 seconds rest - 30 seconds @ 9mph - 30 seconds rest - 1 minute @ 9mph at 1% grade ] total time with shoe changes 3 hours. 2 hours at 210 watts and 30 minutes running at sea level mechanics. Some tips: leave the treadmill running the entire time, during the recovery stand on the side rails, try to make each shoe change under 15 seconds.

You will be amazed at how fast this workout goes by.

You can even set up your iso-cords, so that you do x # sets of x # pulls before hopping on your bike.