Freestyle scooter drill

Freestyle Swimming Drills


Scooter Drill


            To keep the non-swimming arm extended out in front of the swimmer.

            To allow the swimmer to see certain parts of the stroke.

            To allow the swimmer to focus on just one hand action at a time.


With this drill you want to focus on the things that you can SEE and FEEL.

Watch your recovery, high elbow, fingertip entry, fingers entering in front of your shoulder, and finish your stroke at your thigh.

Feel the medial rotation of your shoulder joint as your arm and hand position themselves perpendicular to the bottom of the pool. Every stroke you should definitely feel 3 things: the acceleration of the entire hand/stroke from beginning to end, the increase in water pressure on your hand from the beginning of the stroke to the end, and the increase in the muscular effort you put out as you progress through each stroke. This is in contrast to trying to apply too much force and too much speed in the front of the stroke. This will only cause you to slip and not be very effective. Just like a car on ice, giving to much gas as you start will cause the car to spin its wheels.

You always want to progress in a practice session to one arm swimming drills from the scooter drill.

This drill is much more effective for the triathlete without a swimming background and young age groupers that are learning stroke drills for the first time.