Freestyle technique and drills

This video looks at freestyle (crawl stroke) stroke technique and drills to improve your stroke mechanics.


Swimming Body Position and Flutter Kick Mechanics

This video looks at body position, flutter kicking, kicking drills and a stretching method for your feet and ankles to increase flexibility and add more propulsion to your kick.

Swimming dry land technique practice

This is way to practice and improve swimming mechanics on dry land. Making adjustments in the pool is very difficult. This enables you to watch and feel the proper movements necessary for efficient swimming technique. By consistant repitition out of the water your neuro-muscular system will be changed enough to begin to make changes in the water.

Swimming tip

Swimming tip

Perfect your streamlining and concentrating on your first pull. The best stroke mechanics and your best propulsive pull will always be the first pull off the wall and last one into the wall. The reason is the same as doing one arm drills, it is a lot easier to concentrate on one arm at a time then it is thinking about pulling and recovering with both arms. The streamlining part allows you to feel yourself move cleanly and fast through the water. It helps you notice when things are dragging or out of alignment that creates drag.

Next - incorporating drills specifically for you in every swimming workout. (Video)

- Why do I go backwards when I flutter kick?


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